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Beauty School in Huntington, West Virginia

The Huntington School of Beauty Culture is a local beauty school in Huntington, West Virginia, and provides quality training in a variety of cosmetology careers. Before enrolling, you will need to gather a variety of information.

Below is the list of items you must bring in to register for school and the WV State Board Office prior to your start date. All documentation is subject to verification.  If your documents are of a foreign language you must submit the originals along with an English translated version of the documents.

Completed Student Registration Form (available at or you may call the school for an information packet to be mailed) - a written recommendation from someone other than a family member you have known at least three (3) years needs to accompany the registration form.

Proof of a Tuberculosis Skin Test & Tetanus Shot—If you have not had a TB test within the last six (6) months or Tetanus shot within the past ten (10) years, you may receive them at the Cabell Huntington Health Department, located at 703 7th Avenue in Huntington. These shots are given on Mondays and Fridays, 8:00 a.m.–11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.–3:00 p.m. You may contact them with any questions at (304) 523-6483. Please get shots ASAP. Due to some holidays, the clinic may not give shots.

A Recent Photo, Head & Shoulders, of You Alone—This photo can be taken from a digital camera, printed on photo paper and cut to wallet size. (No black & white photos)

$25 Money Order Made Payable to the West Virginia State Board of Barbers & Cosmetologists—No cash or checks will be accepted. This fee is for your Student Registration Permit.

Copy of Original Birth Certificate—If you do not have one, please contact the county or state where you were born as soon as possible to obtain one.

Copy of Original High School Diploma or GED—If you have neither, you may provide us with a certified copy of your high school transcripts or GED test scores.

Copy of Driver's License or State-Issued ID - no expired license will be accepted

Copy of Your Social Security Card—If you are married, please make sure you name has been changed.

*An Entrance Exam is also required prior to your start date.  This exam is free and will be given the day you submit your paperwork for admission. 


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